Bethel Community Cemetery Policies

Our cemetery policies help ensure your loved one’s final resting place remains a peaceful, clean, safe site for reflection and remembrance. These are our policies on headstones and flowers, as well as a listing of burial site fees.

The headstone and flower policies apply to cemetery blocks A, B, and C (see map). Please contact us if you have any questions.

Headstone Policies

1. Before placing headstones or other markers, contact a cemetery Trustee for marking.

2. Headstones, foot-stones, or any other markers must be placed flush with the ground level and two inches inside the lot line.

3. Gravesite markers should be granite, marble, or bronze.

Headstone at Bethel Community Cemetery near Canton, NC.

Flower Policies

Flowers at Bethel Community Cemetery in Haywood County, NC.

1. No hedge, plant, trees, or flowers should be planted on, nor removed from, the cemetery grounds.

2. Flowers placed at gravesite should be in a removable vase, or placed in an in-ground container having it’s top flush with the ground.

3. Old or faded flowers, containers, wires, and other debris will be removed from the cemetery grounds.

Burial Plot Prices & Policies

Cost of burial plot: $800

Burial plots can contain one casket, one casket plus one urn, or two urns. A permanent container should be used to receive any caskets.

Should you decide to transfer your burial rights deed to another person, please notify the Trustees. There is a $100 fee for the deed transfer.

Opening/closing gravesite: Varies by funeral home. Contact Trustee Ricky Hannah to schedule open/close.

Click here to view available burial plots on our website, or contact a Trustee for arrangement of an in-person viewing.