A story of community and celebration of life.

The story of Bethel Community Cemetery is not one of death, but rather a story of life, community, and support.

Nestled in this serene valley rests a wonderful tribute to those lives gone before us.

On these tranquil grounds near the foot of Haywood County’s historic Cold Mountain, the memories of loved ones are preserved in a quiet, serene setting.

We’re dedicated to those memories, and to ensuring families have a beautiful place of remembrance and contemplation.

Choosing internment among Bethel Community Cemetery’s peaceful hillside and picturesque mountain views assures a splendid and fitting final resting place, along with a tradition of community in existence since 1854.

Picture overlooking the new sections of Bethel Community Cemetery, between Canton and Waynesville NC.

From a humble beginning...

This old grave marker dates back to the original section of Bethel Community Cemetery in Haywood County, NC.

On December 19, 1854, the original “Graveyard Hill” was given breath by Mr. Elijah Deaver, Sr. On that day, he entrusted two acres of land to the three original Trustees as a common burial ground for his beloved community.

Though the original cemetery has long been filled with those who nurtured our community through time, their stories and the cemetery live on.

Over the years, the cemetery expanded through the purchase of adjoining land. Now, the watchful gaze of those majestic hilltop monoliths look over the peaceful valley as new generations build their lives and their own stories, and lay their loved ones to rest.

And as it has for nearly two centuries, Bethel Community Cemetery remains a place for remembrance– cared for by the support of men and women tied by history to our community.

To this day, the cemetery committee consists of volunteers from the community. Many on the current committee carry the torches handed down by earlier generations. Some even trace their history back to the original Trustees who first stood watch in 1854.

Today, a fund created through sales ensures the perpetual upkeep of the newer sections. The older sections, however, have no such provision.

For this reason, the people of the community, friends, and relatives come together on the second Sunday of each July. Since 1955 these memorial services have celebrated those gone before, and a collection is taken, ensuring their care.

In the spring of 2018, a mapping project for all sections of the cemetery began. The goal of the project is to provide online access to historical information for families and genealogy researchers.

Keep track of the project on our website by clicking here.

How can we serve you?

Should you have questions or need help with burial plot arrangements, our Trustees are always here to help. You can contact them here. If you prefer viewing available burial plots online, visit our available burial plots page.